Lavazza caffe espresso.

Lavazza caffe espresso.


Lavazza caffe espresso.

Roasted Ground Coffee

- 250g pack of ground coffee with medium roasting and a level 5 intensity
- This classic Italian espresso is sweet and delicate with notes of fruit and a persistent flavour
- This ground coffee can be used with a moka pot, filtered coffee machines or a French press
- Makes an espresso or coffee that is strong and black with a marbled crema on top
- Blended coffee featuring beans from Africa, South and Central America
- Store in a cool and dry place for long-lasting freshness
Lavazza Caffe Espresso is a classic Italian blend of roasted, ground coffee beans. Depending on preparation, the taste ranges from mild to bold with beans from Africa and South and Central America. The resulting cup of espresso or coffee is strong and black, with a smooth, marbled crema on top. This is the ideal blend for anyone who loves the taste of authentic espresso. Lavazza is synonymous with quality coffee all over the world, this comes directly from over a century of passion for coffee, experience, research and innovation.

Since 1895 the Lavazza family is devoted to the pursuit of coffee perfection. True Italian coffee taste: our passion, your pleasure.  Luigi Lavazza

Ground coffee
Intensity 5/10
Delicate coffee
Medium roast

Pack size: 250G

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