At our tanning salon, we offer state-of-the-art sunbeds equipped with the latest Ergoline tubes. These cutting-edge tubes provide optimal tanning results. Whether you’re looking to achieve a sun-kissed glow or maintain your tan, our sunbeds are here to help. Our pricing is straightforward: it’s £1.20 per minute. So step into our comfortable and relaxing sunbeds, bask in the warm light, and emerge with a beautiful bronzed look. Your radiant skin awaits! ☀️💫

Ergoline Avantgarde.
Fascinating shapes and striking light design make the Avantgarde
class from Ergoline an absolute eye-catcher. Not only a feast for the eyes, but it also pampers the body. Body Wave, the body-hugging base acrylic, and Voice Guide user prompting set high standards in tanning comfort with power that promises a fantastic tan.
The Ergoline Avantgarde 600 is equipped with a powerful, system-wide internal air flow unit. Air flows through the unit's extensive ventilation system and across the recumbent Body Wave Acrylic surface. The Ergoline Avantgarde 600's unique cooling system further  assures maximum comfort. Also has built-in surround sound for your listening Pleasure.

Our new Alisun XXL just installed.
The Alisun XXL vertical tanning unit combines elegant looks, durability, performance and precision engineering to give the customer an outstanding tanning experience. It has a high-powered ceiling fan and body cool jet system, offering superb cooling for client comfort and ensuring that the lamps function at optimal temperatures for improved tanning performance.


We are dedicated to keeping our tanning tubes at peak performance, So they are regularly changed and the beds are regularly serviced.
We also operate a strict 'NO UNDER 18s' rule as per Sunbeds Regulation Act 2010
Goggles and wink.ease can be purchased in receptiom.