Body Glow UK carry a variety of tanning lotions to try and please everyone's taste.
Know Your Lotion.

Accelerator: An accelerator is a lotion, which moisturizes and stimulates the production of melanin. They are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which are vital for healthy skin. Accelerators are ideal for the beginning tanner or when a tanner has plateaued and needs to begin the tanning process over again.
Bronzer: Bronzers are lotions, which give the tanner immediate colour gratification. Some bronzers have DHA and some have cosmetic bronzers. Bronzers are ideal for a tanner who already has a base tan or for a new tanner with a darker skin tone.
Tingle or Hot Action: These products stimulate the surface of the skin.
This causes blood to rush to the surface and in doing so pushes the melanocytes deep in the skin to the surface exposing more of them to UV light. To test a tingle for intensity the best place is on the inner part of the elbow or during a tanning session on the legs only.
Coolant: These are lotions, which contain ingredients to cool the skin resulting in a more comfortable tanning session for the tanner. The fragrances also have a relaxing effect on the tanner. These contain menthol, spearmint, eucalyptus and other such ingredients.
Indoor tanning lotions replace moisture lost due to the drying effects of tanning beds. All of our lotions contain hydrating and skin-repairing ingredients essential for proper skin care and a healthier-looking, longer-lasting tan. Ask one of our tanning consultants which lotion is right for you.
Lotion Benefits!
You will Tan FASTER! Our lotions contain specially designed tanning ingredients that help encourage the tanning process for a richer, longer-lasting tan.
Skin Nutrients. Indoor tanning lotions contain the extra skin care essential to indoor tanners, through ingredients that restore lost nutrients and condition the skin.
Moisturization. Healthy skin is the foundation of dark tanning. Our lotions provide critical moisturization to the skin before and after tanning.
Key to a deeper, darker and long lasting tan. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
We offer creams for sale instore.
Sachets - (15-22ml) £3.00 -£5.00
Bottles - (250-265ml) £23.00 - £55.00 ( Plus upto 10 Minutes FREE Tanning, promotional periods only )
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