Body Glow UK brings you the perfect way to achieve a natural healthy bronzed look. You will be amazed by the fantastic results so come in and give it a try. A seamless all over body tan in just 15 minutes. 
Spray tanning, or sunless or instant tanning, is a great alternative to sunbathing or sunbeds - because it is UV free. You can have your lovely spray tan 365 days a year, but it is also great for special occasions such as weddings, parties or when you need to look drop-dead gorgeous.   
Applied by our fully trained technician who has 17 years experience in airbrush tanning.  
Last from 4-8 days depending on how you maintain it. 
Price£30.00.  (We do not except cheques or credit/debit cards) 
Discounts available on group bookings.
Try the Double Dip. Spray Tan with a 3 Minute UV Tan Dry at no extra cost.
Please call to make an appointment.  (Sorry guys this ones for the ladies only.) 

Spray Tanning is available in light, medium or dark shadess

Important Preparation.
Prior to and on the day of your tan - In the morning of your tanning appointment (or the night before) you should ex-foliate your entire body. Ex-foliation will remove dead skin that would otherwise flake off and helps to promote even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan. When you ex-foliate, pay particular attention to the lower half of your legs, knees, ankles, top of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles.
You may use an ex-foliating lotion, face cloth, scrubbing mitt or loofah. Use a pumice stone on feet if necessary.
It is important that you do not use a shower gel with any oils or moisturisers,  these act as a barrier and tan will not tan take.
Shaving or waxing- It is best to shave or wax at least 12 hours before your tanning appointment.
Waxing during the life of your tan will remove it - therefore we recommend that you do not wax for at least 7 days after the application.
Shorts & button up short sleeve shirts are ideal. Flip flops for the feet are a help.
The least amount of contact with clothing after your tan the better.
If it is raining on the day of you tan bring the biggest brolly ever!!  Water getting on to your skin straight after a tan is a big no-no! 
Cremes and lotions - Do not apply moisturisers or use any roll-on deodorants until after your post-tanning shower (see below), lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the tan from contacting with the skin. The same applies to your face and the wearing of make-up.
Developing - Whilst drying please do not allow palms of hands to touch tanned areas as the colour will transfer. We do not spray palms of hands therefore if this occurs we cannot take responsibility. The Airbrush tan requires a minimum of 5hrs to develop. We like to say leave it 8hrs before you next shower. Please avoid all bathing, showering and any exercise that may cause excessive perspiration for 5 hours or more. Please note this also includes placing your hands in water to wash up etc, as this will cause discolouration. 
When Is the best time to get a Spray Tan - We would advise not having a spray the same day as you are going out. The tan takes time to develop. The best time to have a spray tan would be the day before your event.
Aftercare - When you first shower after the application you will be aware of the slight brown residue in the water. This is the colour guide washing away. Use a non oil based product for cleansing. DO NOT over rub the skin - pat dry with soft towel. Moisturise thoroughly everyday with a non oil based product.  
BodyGlow UK Spray tanning is located near to Staines, Heathrow, Slough, Poyle and Wraysbury.