Sun Shot Drinks


Sunshot® contains the skin nourishing ingredients of Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Beta]Carotine Plus now with added Collagen.

These ingredients help promote better tanning results by optimising the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs during the tanning process.

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Beta Carotene

- Kick starts melanin in the skin produced by sunlight interaction - Added amount simulated in the body by TanShot® results in a promoted tan.

Vitamin E

- Helps tighten the skin and give a fresh, youthful appearance - Increases collagen in the skin


- Anti-aging benefits - Reduces the appearance of wrinkles - Improves skin’s firmness, smoothness and flexibility - Stimulates healthy collagen production.

Collagen. Contains twenty amino acids, with eight out nine being essential,and improves viscoelastic capacities and smoothness of skin.Hydrolised collagen also increases the structural health of joint and bones as well as general energy levels.